1. Start up

    Founded in 2013 by a group of passionate and visionary scientists eager to prove that in the era of big data and IoT, security is inescapably and primarily linked to the digital world and cybersecurity it’s all about.

  2. Investment and growth

    With important investments in R&D, negg® Group plays a leading role in research, by engaging national and international projects with a team of highly skilled researchers and scientists.

  3. Consolidation

    At the beginning negg Group’s strategy was to focus on the Italian market in order to promote the initial growth, to establish an effective business model, to develop reliable technology and to create a high reputation.

  4. International kick off

    In 2020 negg® Group started its internationalization process by building international relationships looking for reliable, approved customers and partners in countries with a wide range of technical, legislative and cultural differences.

  5. International growth

    As a result, export operations started within three main areas:

    • European Union
    • APAC
    • Africa

    Major contracts have been concluded with customers engaged in the following areas:

    • Federal Law Enforcement (Counter-Terrorism, Cyber, CID)
    • Anti-Corruption
    • Special Forces