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GTA | Go (Golang) Developer (Middle level) - Windows Environment
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DR | 3rd cycle university degree
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GTA | Go (Golang) Developer (Middle level) - Windows Environment

negg Group is looking for a highly competent mid-level Go developer to join our team and contribute to the development of high-quality software in a Windows environment, with an emphasis on using native Windows APIs. The ideal candidate should have solid experience with the Go language, be able to write clean, high-quality code, and have skills in application design and optimization.


1. Develop, test and maintain Go language software applications in a Windows environment;

2. Work with the development team to define application requirements and specifications;

3. Contribute to software design and architecture, ensuring best development practices;

4. Optimize code performance and fix security issues;

5. Manage the cross compilation process to ensure distribution across different platforms;

6. Collaborate with other team members on application development, documentation and support;


1. Proven experience in developing Go applications in a Windows environment, with strong expertise in cross compilation and using Windows APIs;

2. Knowledge of Go standard libraries and development best practices;

3. Ability to write clean, maintainable and well-documented code;

4. Experience in optimizing code performance and troubleshooting security issues;

5. In-depth knowledge of cross compilation tools and techniques in Go;

6. Knowledge of version control management tools (preferably Git);

7. Excellent troubleshooting and debugging skills;

8. Excellent communication skills and ability to work in a team;

9. Willingness to be up to date on the latest trends and developments in the world of software.

10. In-depth knowledge of the Go build toolchain.

11. Knowledge of Go build tags.

Training and experience:

• Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering or related field (or equivalent practical experience).

• At least 2-3 years of experience developing Go applications in a Windows environment using native Windows APIs.

HQ: Rome (centre) or Reggio Calabria + Smart Working 

Further information on the salary package will be provided during the selection process.

The interested candidates, of either sex, can send a detailed curriculum vitae, complete with photos and authorization for the processing of personal data (DLGS 196/2003).

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