A new accomplishment for negg® from the Chamber of Commerce of Reggio Calabria

05 Dec 2019

A new accomplishment for negg®!

On the occasion of the Day of Openness (Giornata della Trasparenza), the “Prizes for Innovation 2019 (Premi per l'innovazione 2019)” final competition took place in the headquarters of the Chamber of Commerce in Reggio Calabria.

During an intense session of speed pitching, a shortlist of twelve companies have been competing in the final stage reporting to a technical committee. Each Company has presented an innovative project consistent with the initiative Industry 4.0 National Plan ("Piano Impresa 4.0").

The Board’s assessment has taken into account three different criteria: the innovative potential of the initiative, consistency in the proposal with Industry 4.0 National Plan ("Piano Impresa 4.0") and the extent to which the project has already been implemented.

At the end of the competition, six companies have been awarded: negg® s.r.l., Anti-Seismic Innovative Solutions and Materials s.r.l., Kaliot s.r.l., BIG s.r.l., Innovation Made s.r.l., MADE Concept s.r.l.

negg® s.r.l. has presented a proposal focuses on BigData Analytics, Machine Learning and Deep Learning to develop a new generation of SOC (Security Operations Center), a game-changing idea and breakthrough innovation. In fact, at the present moment, all the existing SOC are able to perform only the detached phase, but none of them is so highly integrative and able to identify the author of the attack. For this very reason the SOC that negg® aim at developing is highly innovative (an actual new generation of SOC) because it will not be able just to detect and block threats but also to identify the person who has struck the attack.

About the award, Francesco Taccone, CEO of negg®, has said:

"For negg® this year has been full of great successes and satisfaction. The constant commitment and passion that we put every day in our work allow us to create top quality products and advance the requirements of the increasingly challenging, ever-changing and relentlessly fast cyber market. The year seemed to be over and… there comes another accomplishment for negg®.  I would, therefore, like to thank all the staff who have worked to reach this goal and especially, our engineers Paolo Russo and Rossella Oliva and our chief administrative officer Marianna Abenavoli.

A special thanks also to our interns Paolo Grossetti and Jacopo Carloni both from Marche Polytechnic University who are helping to implement new features to the proposed project”.

About the competition, Antonino Tramontana, President of the Chamber of Commerce of Reggio Calabria, has declared: “The Prizes awarded and, collectively, all the innovative projects that we have reviewed, offer us an interesting picture of our business community where the digital transformation 4.0. has already been completed or is in progress. We are definitely aware that there are several enterprises ready for the digital leap in our territory, with the backing of the Chamber of Commerce, they will be able to reach the same level of the companies involved in the competition today”.

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