negg®Group is the new Golden Sponsor of Roma Volley Club Femminile - Serie A1

20 Mar 2024

negg Group is the new Golden Sponsor of Roma Volley Club Femminile - Serie A1. 

Francesco Taccone, CEO of negg Group is excited to onnounce that negg Group has officially become a Golden Sponsor of Roma Volley Club Femminile, Rome's Serie A1 women's volleyball team. This partnership represents an important step for us in our commitment to young talent and as a part of our contribution to the sporting spirit and dynamic image of the city of Rome.

The decision to support Rome's Serie A1 women's volleyball team arises from a deep sharing of values. Just as in the world of Cyber Security, in sports, it is not only important to have excellent attack and defense strategies, above all, teamwork, determination and the relentless pursuit of excellence are fundamental, knowing that alone one can do well, but together, in union, one can do everything

CEO Taccone, who, since the beginning of this collaboration, has supported the team, not only as a sponsor but above all as a sports fan, attending matches and offering his support from the sidelines, expressed his feelings on the subject:  

"I am honored to be able to support this team that brings together the excellence of Rome. Above all, I would like to thank DG Roberto Mignemi, the first one to believe in this project and who for the first time led to the qualification of the Rome team to the playoffs, a much aspired result that allowed to bring the eternal city back to the top of national sports and volleyball negg Group is a young company that has always focused on the youth and fostered their development. In this regard, I would like to address the concept of mens sana in corpore sano, as I am convinced that sports are fundamental in the development of what are essential soft skills in life and work, such as team working, problem solving and conflict management. Well-being, growth and improvement come from stimulation, and a healthy activity conducted in sharing can be the fertile ground for cultivating success."  

negg firmly believes in the educational power of sports as a tool for personal and professional growth. Through this sponsorship, we want to not only support athletes in their sporting journey, but also inspire new generations to pursue their dreams with commitment and dedication, promoting sharing and awareness of cyber security among those who will be the future managers of tomorrow.  

With great pride, we welcome the opportunity to join Roma Volley Femminile in this exciting journey. We invite everyone to support the athletes this sports season and to join us in future initiatives. Together, we can deploy the winning strategy! 


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