"Avvocationline": presented today the new e-learning web platform developed by negg®

12 Mar 2019
negg® developed a new web e-learning platform for the Bar Association of Reggio Calabria. The project, called “Avvocationline” was awarded the call launched by “Cassa Nazionale di Previdenza e Assistenza Forense” for the year 2016. The initiative was promoted by the Committee on Equal Opportunities of the Bar Association of Reggio Calabria.

This new customized and powerful tool has been created and programmed by negg® in order to give the opportunity to undertake training remotely and meanwhile to provide young lawyers with a chance to create a personal and dedicated page on the Internet. 


The conference at which the project has been presented took place this morning at 11am at the Court of Appeal of Reggio Calabria located in Piazza Castello.

#Avvocationline# is an initiative concerning the implementation of a dedicated operating system for e-learning training available for lawyers all around Italy and a personal domain.

The goals pursued by the Committee on Equal Opportunities are various. First of all, to grant access to e-learning training to reach the largest number of users, to facilitate the management of family issues and workload and, moreover, to grant to lawyers with physical constrictions the access to training. Furthermore, this specific tool gives the opportunity to all lawyers to have a personal webpage and, in compliance with the rules of professional conduct, to promote their own expertise.


The presentation started with an introduction by Antonietta Occhiuto, lawyer and President of the Committee on Equal Opportunities. Following, Francesco Taccone, CEO of negg®, Alberto Panuccio, lawyer and President of the Bar Association of Reggio Calabria, Monica Delle Donne, Giuseppe D’Agostino and Matteo Luigi Riso, lawyers and members of the Bar Association Cyber Committee of Reggio Calabria, have spoken.


Francesco Taccone, started his speech by thanking the President of the Bar Association of Reggio Calabria, Antonella Occhiuto, the President of the Committee on Equal Opportunities, Francesca Azzarrà, the representative of the “Cassa Forense”, Monica Delle Donne, the two members of the cyber Committee, Giuseppe D’Agostino and Matteo Riso, the legal counsel of negg® Rodolfo Politi also member of the cyber committee and Rossella Oliva, Project Manager of negg® and the entire staff involved in the project. Following Taccone said: “Allow me to say something about negg®. I believe that it is very important for a company focused on cyber security, which has started its business from Reggio Calabria and today owns offices in Rome as well, to be well known also from the Bar Association because its vision and mission. Our core business is cyber security and this year we were awarded as Excellence of the year in Innovation & Leadership in cybersecurity during Le Fonti Innovation Awards, a prestigious event which takes place in Milan yearly.

Today our commitment towards the society let us to achieve another great goal: to create a tool for the benefit of weaker and disadvantaged. So, I would like to thank all of you for giving to negg® the opportunity to express its heart and solidarity to others. At the beginning when Rodolfo, our legal counsel but also a close friend of mine, and Monica have explained to me the potential of the idea, I have responded that such complex and ambitious project would have taken a lot of money and up to two years to be carried out.

Then they told me where the initiative was from and which was the goal, a solidarity-based aim. So, I answered, “Ok I got the point, we have to do it”.

I have taken this initiative to heart and for this very reason today you can have this powerful, professional and customized tool, because it was built and designed according to lawyers’ way of thinking and to be in compliance with all the requirements. This project has been carried out from scratch. This means that negg® has wholly created this tool and our engineers have written the entire code, line by line. This product is unique. I have to say that it is thrilling seeing Antonella, Monica, Rossella, both the Committee on Equal Opportunities and the Bar Association of Reggio Calabria have succeeded in pursuing this ambitious aim.

We have done whatever was necessary to create this powerful tool and we strongly believe that it will be really appreciated and evaluated by lawyers and it can be an inspiring example of how technology could help those most in need, or simply, those who need to be safeguarded”






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