negg® CEO Taccone speaker in counter-intelligence high-level training course

11 Nov 2019

negg® CEO Francesco Taccone is back from an important appointment dedicated to intelligence.

The Gino Germani Institute of Social Sciences and Strategic Studies and the Italian Geographic Society organized a high-level training course in Rome dedicated to the theme "Counterintelligence in the 21st century: counter-espionage and counter-intelligence for the protection of the country-system", with the participation of authoritative Italian and foreign experts.

Among the distinguished speakers, the Chief Executive Officer of negg®, who spoke during the afternoon session on Friday 8 November at Palazzetto Mattei in Villa Celimontana.

The audience was able to listen to an "unconventional" presentation, in the style of Francesco Taccone: dealing with certain topics - according to the CEO - requires openness of thought, originality and vision.

His intervention, designed to offer highly specialized training, focused on technical content, was valuable because it came from an entrepreneur operating in the IT sector and, therefore, directly concerned.

The report entitled "Cyber-counterintelligence: counter-offensive techniques to combat cyber-espionage". Mr Taccone, computer expert and cybersecurity enthusiast, gave the audience the chance to reflect on the most recent developments on the IT security market, on the solutions to which intelligence can and should devote its resources and on the challenges of the present and the future in the management, apprehension and security of sensitive data and information.

The practical presentation was greatly appreciated. This intervention is in line with the training initiatives in which negg®  is spreading its corporate vision: sharing useful information to create a culture of risk awareness and use of the best practices for data loss prevention, when sensitive or price-sensitive information and, even before, for those information capable of undermining national interest and personal security.


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