negg® on Corriere Innovazione telling about cybersecurity

30 May 2019

We are really glad the widely known newspaper Corriere Innovazione has dedicated to negg® a page to describe our activities and to celebrate our achievements.

Francesco Taccone, CEO of negg®, has been asked to talk about the right approach to cybersecurity modern challenges. 

One of the biggest hurdle enterprises and governments shall face are cyber threats at different levels.  There is much talk of cybersecurity but there is little awareness of the serious risks to which potentially all networks are exposed, particularly in Italy which, according to the latest CLUSIT 2019 report, has put itself in the condition of being regarded as an earthenware pot among iron ones because of the lack of a target vision, a strategy and a fine-turned commitment to the contest. Nothing is safe but everything may come to that with the proper tools and the right approach. This is negg®’s mission, which proposes an ethic vision of the network and cybersecurity. negg® is an all Italian business, located in Rome which occupies a leadership position in the field of cybersecurity. negg®, unlike its competitors, provides products and solutions entirely made in Italy.

«For a true understanding of cybersecurity – Francesco Taccone said – it is enough to think that in the next future wars will be fought not with conventional weapons but with cyber arms. In my professional experience – Taccone said – I became aware that unfortunately, Italy is light-years behind compared to other countries. In this field we lack a genuine policy for literacy and technological improvement, in this respect I believe all the employees shall have a specific education comprising at least the basic understandings of cybersecurity». For this very reason negg®, in expanding its offers, has decided to bring the cybersecurity in Italy through a major investment aimed at creating a specialized academy to guarantee for both beginners and professionals the required knowledge.

However, negg® is not only training. The actual negg®’s core business is the development of software and products of the utmost quality and efficiency intended for cybersecurity. The total absence of items purchased by foreign enterprises increases dramatically the level of security of our products.

Care has been paid in the selection of negg®’s team. «When I founded this company, Taccone said, from my own city Reggio Calabria, I have been doing a lot of thinking about the importance of creating a positive reality in the south of Italy to guarantee an actual chance to all the willing students of my own Region. But, Taccone concluded, to all talents that wish to work with us is required to be scientists and not just engineers. To our people we ask the most difficult outcome: to create what others would consider impossible». Info:


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