Promote socially responsible management with SA8000. negg’s commitment towards Society and its own Staff

13 Feb 2019

We are continuing our work on socially responsible management and we are pleased to inform you that negg has been awarded SA8000, the International Standard for Social Accountability.

SA8000 was originally developed as a social standard in 1997-98 by the US non-governmental organization Social Accountability International (SAI) in an effort to improve working conditions around the world. The standard is based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as well as recommendations by the International Labor Organization (ILO) and a number of ISO norms defined by the ISO 9001 standard for quality management systems. In order to ensure companies comply with their commitments to social responsibility, SA8000 calls for the implementation of the corresponding management system, which enterprises may voluntarily decide to certify.

Therefore, a voluntary certification under SA8000 confirms negg’s compliance with labour rights and serves as a pillar of our demonstrable commitment to established social standards of corporate governance and moreover, it demonstrates a responsible approach to social and ethical issues.

We consider our responsibility to maintain adequate human working conditions. Through the SA8000 standards, we want to provide documentary evidence of our dedication to social and occupational norms around the world.


By adhering to these standards, we want to demonstrate that fair working conditions, occupational health, safety and environmentally sustainable production methods are a matter of course in our company.

The new SA8000 Certification is, for us at negg, a recognition that we are doing our best to guarantee the optimal working conditions in our company. We care about people.


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